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Fueled by coffee, adventure, and a healthy dose of humor

Zainatain is a web design and conversion rate optimization company that is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and organizations.

We believe in the power of digital interfaces to accelerate business growth and help our clients achieve their business goals – so they can focus on what they do best.

So whether you need a new website design, help to optimize your conversion rate, or expert support with website management and hosting, Zainatain has you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

We’re ready for the journey

As we embark on our adventure to revamp and optimize your digital presence, a world of possibilities awaits us. With creative solutions around every corner – and enough coffee – the opportunity is endless.

Meet Leigh

Hi! I’m Leigh, founder of Zainatain and based in Atlanta, GA, or pretty much anywhere with WiFi.

After 14+ years of experience driving revenue and optimizing digital experiences for other organizations, I wanted the flexibility to do what I love – spend time with my family, work from home in my pajamas, and fully unleash my creative streak.

I hold an International MBA with concentrations in Marketing and the Arabic language, and I accidentally made the synchronized swim team in college. I’ve worked for a diverse set of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500, coffee shops to global airlines, marketing to managing multi-million dollar technology projects, Shanghai to Dubai. 

You can often find me with my passport in one hand and a coffee in the other, ready for an adventure! 

Meet Jamie

Hi I’m Jamie, Operations Director and web designer in-training for Zainatain. I am passionate about organization and streamlining processes to make things efficient and effective. I love using creativity in helping problem solve.

I’ve worked for a variety of organizations the last 17 years as a barista, manager, Operations Director, and Event & Logistics Coordinator to name a few.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music, and (try to) speak Amharic after living in Ethiopia. I love to travel, drink coffee, and wander around markets.

Countries Visited (Leigh)

Countries Visited (Jamie)

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Our Vision

Zainatain strives to be a trusted, fun, and authentic partner that understands the digital needs of growing organizations. We empower our clients to achieve their goals by delivering creative and quality website solutions based on data-driven decisions and industry expertise.

Why Zainatain?

We're extremely adaptable and we love change.

Your audience and business are constantly evolving, and so are we.

We thrive on solving complex challenges.

But we also strive for simplification whenever possible. Less is more.

We love beauty and effectiveness.

We’re committed to creating a solution that’s not just pretty to look at… it needs to drive your business forward.

We battle with the desire for perfection.

But we know that perfect is the enemy of good. Start your journey now and iterate.

We're always caffeinated.

We’re a one-stop resource

Connect with us today! We look forward to learning how we can make great things happen together.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Already have a solid website? Let’s implement a strategy to drive traffic to your website and turns those visitors into leads and/or customers.

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