Reach a new level of success.

Elevate your business by transforming more website visitors into customers.

We give your digital presence the boost it needs to connect you with your target audience.

We specialize in supporting growing businesses that know there is opportunity in the online space to create (10s or 100s of ) thousands more dollars in revenue.

During 2022, The UK Study Expert was able to increase website visits by 70%, increase organic search traffic from around 8% of traffic to over 40%, and increase website leads from around 15 per month to over 400 per month.

“Zainatain’s ideas and experience through our website and digital marketing has contributed to our company’s growth and visibility. They gave us a strategy that helped address issues we were facing and provided feedback and ideas to get us back on target. We were provided ideas and layouts that match exactly who we are and our brand. I am very grateful for their help and would recommend them to any business that is looking to take their business to the next level.”
– Jackie, The UK Study Expert

Hey there!

Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business? With Zainatain, you have a trusted partner that will…


Develop a cohesive strategy to drive engaged traffic to your website


Create an industry-leading user experience so that visitors interact with your business online


Analyze user behavior and performance to make data-driven decisions that will contribute to your bottom line

Our Conversion Rate Optimization services create real results because we never lose sight of the fact that your website visitors are real people with real needs. We’re committed to using strategies and tactics that build trust with your target audience…we’re in it with you for the long run!

So what exactly is “Conversion Rate Optimization”?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the processing of enhancing your website so that you increase the percentage of visitors that complete a desired action on your website. The foundation of good CRO is gaining a deep understanding of your customers and their needs so that you can build an online presence that makes it effortless for them to use.

“Conversions” on a website can take many forms depending on the type of business you are and the needs of your customers. Here are a few examples:

  • A restaurant would want people to order online or make a reservation
  • A physician’s office would want someone to schedule an appointment
  • A wedding planner would want people to fill out a contact form
  • A energy supplier would want someone to purchase an energy plan
  • A pet supplies store would want customers to order supplies

Our services go beyond Conversation Rate Optimization by…


Determining the right levers to pull to drive to your traffic website and create a high ROI


Helping you evolve and adapt how you position your services/products so that they resonate with your customers


Providing the support you need to maintain and make development changes directly to your website

We help you pull the right levers at the right time so that you’re investing time and resources in the channels that drive the highest return.

We use user behavior, feedback, data, analytics, and testing to make informed decisions as to which channels drive the most engagement, leads, and conversions on your website. Our marketing analytics dashboards enable us to make agile and on demand decisions as to which “levers” to pull at any point in time so that you’re investing time in resources in the channels that drive the highest return.

We support the entire ecosystem, from digital marketing channels to lead generation to website development.

At Zainatain, we’re like the Swiss Army Knife of the digital space. Having all of these skillsets enables us to create a unified strategy to help you make agile decisions and swift changes so that you can respond to your customer needs and the market. This ensures you’re able to capture revenue and not lose money on tactics that aren’t working.

As the result of a strategic web redesign, Golden Isles Development Authority was able to increase organic traffic to the website by 50%.

“Working with Leigh and Zainatain was an excellent experience. In addition to helping me translate my vision and content into a beautiful design, Leigh proactively sought out features and tools to strengthen our message. For any component, she provided options and explained the benefits and drawbacks of each. I felt included in the process but also trusted her experience and recommendations. This trust helped save me energy and time performing due diligence on my own.”

Vanessa W., Golden Isles Development Authority


We can be as integrated into your team as you need us to be (we prefer to be a part of the team)!

Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization

Our ongoing conversion rate optimization services help you develop a strategy to get high-converting traffic to your website and implement a solid user experience so that those visitors turn into paid customers. We use our proven framework to assess your customer needs, develop a website strategy, and implement enhancements to increase conversions. All of this is backed by best practices and data-driven decisions

Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

Do you already have a developer that supports your website but you need support with diversifying your customer acquisition channels and turning visitors into leads or customers? We can help to implement the analytics tools you need to understand what improvements should be made to reach your goals, and we will provide ongoing testing and guidance so that your team is implementing features that impact your bottom line.


We’ve developed a framework to create a high-performing digital web strategy

for growing businesses just like yours.

We utilize a proven framework to assess your unique customer needs, develop a strategy for your website, and implement enhancements to increase conversions. All of this is backed by best practices and most importantly, data-driven decisions.

Discovery & Analysis

Growing your organization is a delicate balance between understanding the needs and desires of your customers as well as achieving the objectives of your business. During the initial discovery phase, we will develop a deep understanding of the vision and goals of your business as well as the services and products that you currently offer or plan to launch.

We will then dive into the needs of your customers and review any existing research and analytics that you may have available to understand how they’re currently interacting with your brand. This will help us to uncover your highest performing acquisition channels and any obstacles and pain points that your customers may have when interacting with your brand online. We will analyze how customer needs overlap with your value proposition and map out the existing customer journey and conversion funnel so that we can identify areas of opportunity.

Strategy & Action Plan

We will develop a customized digital strategy to achieve your business’s objectives on your website based on the insights and research from the previous phase. The strategy will outline the tactics we will utilize to increase traffic and conversions on the website and also define the Key Performance Metrics we would like to achieve so that we can measure how we are performing against your goals.

We will provide recommendations for website enhancements that will increase engagement and conversions with your website visitors and collaborate with you to create a roadmap based on your business timeline and an action plan. This is also when we will suggest any new technologies and platforms needed to implement any new features and enhancements on the website. Every audience and product offering is unique, so data is key when developing and testing conversion rate enhancements. We use a wide range of tools for analytics as well as testing.

Design & Development

Before we begin the design and development of any enhancements, we will implement any additional analytics and tracking tools and dashboard(s) that are needed so that we can track how well these features are impacting traffic acquisition and website conversions.

Based on the strategy and action plan developed in the previous phase, we will design enhancements that complement your brand and objectives and begin testing them with your target audience to ensure that they are helping to improve metrics that have a positive impact on your KPIs. Before launching these enhancements, we will thoroughly test them to ensure that they work across device types, browsers, and that they do not have a negative impact on your website page speed.

Launch & Improve

Once we have completed testing of these enhancements, we will launch them so that they can begin improving the user experience on your website and increasing the number of website visitors that turn into customers.

We will use the quantitative data based on the analytics tools implemented as well as qualitative input directly from customers to suggest innovative ideas to further improve performance. The process will be extremely collaborative as we work with you to develop hypotheses based on performance and create new ideas to introduce to your customer base.


Creating and maintaining a high-performing website with a great user experience is never complete. As customer needs, competition, algorithms, and business objectives evolve, we will work with you to repeat these phases on a continual basis and quickly adjust so that you can continue growing your business!

Ready4K was able to transition their site from an HTML website fully managed by their IT team to a website built on a platform that their Marketing team could use to build their SEO with a blog, add personalized lead forms, and geotargeted messaging.

“Leigh went above and beyond to create a great website for us. It ended up being more complicated than expected and she was able to find solutions to meet our needs every time. We look forward to working together in the future.”

Mary W., Ready4K

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 We’ll use a variety of testing and best practices to determine what works best for your company.

Not all companies and websites are the same, so not all strategies will make sense for your customers. These are just a sampling of tactics we utilize to optimize your website depending on your needs.

Traffic Acquisition Channels

Identify and create high-converting traffic channels using on demand analytics and enhance them to build brand trust and engagement


Relevant & Personalized Content

Develop relevant content on your website based on user intent and add personalized messaging based on user data

Form Optimization

Simplify forms so that your forms are easy for users to complete but so that you’re collecting the data you need

Clear & Engaging Calls to Action

Make the calls to action easy for users to understand and engage with and minimize the amount of clicks to complete an action

Landing Page Design

Optimize your landing pages that they’re engaging for users, informative, build trust, and ultimately drive engagements

Easy Navigation

Make your website easy to navigate for your audiences so that users can quickly access the information they’re seeking

Dynamic Pop Ups

Utilize dynamic pop ups based on various criteria to drive engagement on the site with specific user types

Optimize High-Performing Blogs

Identify your high traffic blogs and optimize them so that website visitors are engaging with you before leaving the page


Create a journey that your customers will LOVE

We believe that the worst outcome of Conversion Rate Optimization is treating human interactions as just clicks, purchases, or form submissions. Real and lasting engagement happens when a company is truly focused on creating the best user experience and customer journey possible. We’re here to help you create that for your customers!






Generate awareness

Based on the direction defined in the digital marketing strategy, we will implement a series of tactics to increase traffic to your website. This can include improving your social media presence, website referral links, targeted ads on social and/or search engines, and better ranking content on search engines.


Convert customers

Once we’ve determined out how to get your target customers to your website, we need to ensure that they’re completing the actions that you want them to take. These actions can include engaging with your website via lead forms, purchases, and/or sign ups. 


Nurture relationships

After your target customers have initially engaged you, you will want to continue to build the relationship with your customer. This can be accomplished across various channels, including targeted emails, text messages, and social media.


Analyze & improve

We will continuously analyze how people are getting to and engaging with your online content. Based on this data, we will implement enhancements to increase engagement and conversions.

Hi, I’m Leigh!

I am a world-traveling, art-loving, coffee-obsessed, digital technology guru. I founded Zainatain LLC, an Atlanta-based web design and digital marketing agency, to support organizations in their journey to launch effective digital interfaces that contribute directly to their growth.

Prior to Zainatain, I worked with a diverse set of organizations to enhance their brands and digital technology (start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, coffee shops to global airlines, marketing to managing multi-million dollar technology projects, Shanghai to Dubai).

Most importantly, I excel at helping others to develop creative solutions to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

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