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Hey there…

Does any of this sound like you?


You've built a successful business generating steady revenue


You've plateaued with your current marketing strategy and you need to increase leads and/or conversions


Your current online presence and marketing tactics feel so reactive and fragmented


You're working with 10 different people (a developer, an SEO expert, a Facebook ad specialist, a copywriter, an email marketing creator, etc.) to manage your digital strategy OR you've been doing it all this yourself and you're exhausted

Imagine that you actually look forward to opening your laptop because you have a plan to grow your business (and the resources to get you there).

You’re restless, high-achieving, and you like to push the limits. You’ve been trying to juggle all of the balls and you’re really good at figuring things out, but you’re spread thin trying to do everything yourself. You appreciate the value of investing in solutions that will grow your business, and you understand the value of a process that will create tangible results.

You wish you could implement a multi-faceted conversion and lead generation strategy that can take your business to the next level.

That’s great and all, but…


You don’t have the time to define the future of your website and digital marketing strategy and there are just too many options


You don’t have the capital to invest in both a technology employee and a marketing employee


You don’t want to work with a marketing agency that charges high prices and tries to fit you into one of their cookie cutter solutions


You want to avoid working with multiple parties because you've experienced the headaches of disjointed tactics that drain your budget


You don’t want to hand off the responsibility to just anyone because there’s a lot of risk involved

You wish that someone else could understand your vision and provide effective options to bring your ideas to life (and be there to answer your questions) so that you can have the freedom to do what you do best.

Okay, now imagine that…

you have that trusted partner that is able to develop a cohesive strategy to drive traffic to your website, design and enhance your site so that those visitors are turning into leads or conversions, and analyze user behavior and performance to help make strategic and agile decisions so that you’re not wasting your money on tactics that don’t work.


How will it feel when you no longer have to figure out how to generate leads or sales by yourself?


What will you be able to do with your time now that you're not having to coordinate your digital strategy across multiple partners?


What will your days off or extended lunch breaks be like because you know someone is overseeing your marketing efforts with your best interest in mind?


What will be possible for you when you're now equipped to grow your business?

I’ve developed a framework to create a customized digital, conversion strategy

for growing businesses just like yours.

I’m obsessed with partnering with businesses to develop a creative and cohesive plan to help them break through their plateau. I’ve seen so many businesses suffer from underperforming and conflicting strategies within their organization, and I’ve developed a method that focuses on ensuring your digital sales, marketing, and technology efforts work together seamlessly so that you see a return on your investment. 

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“Zainatain’s ideas and experience through our website and digital marketing has contributed to our company’s growth and visibility. They gave us a strategy that helped address issues we were facing and provided feedback and ideas to get us back on target. We were provided ideas and layouts that match exactly who we are and our brand. I am very grateful for their help and would recommend them to any business that is looking to take their business to the next level.”

Jackie Christopher

Create a journey that your customers will LOVE

We will start the process by going through my proven framework that will enable us to create a strategy to help meet the goals of your business. This strategy will include tactics and enhancements to create a personalized journey for your customers. We will use real-time analytics to make agile decisions and keep you running efficiently as possible.






Generate awareness

Based on the direction defined in the digital marketing strategy, we will implement a series of tactics to increase traffic to your website. This can include improving your social media presence, website referral links, targeted ads on social and/or search engines, and better ranking content on search engines.


Convert customers

Once we’ve determined out how to get your target customers to your website, we need to ensure that they’re completing the actions that you want them to take. These actions can include engaging with your website via lead forms, purchases, and/or sign ups. 


Nurture relationships

After your target customers have initially engaged you, you will want to continue to build the relationship with your customer. This can be accomplished across various channels, including targeted emails, text messages, and social media.


Analyze & improve

We will continuously analyze how people are getting to and engaging with your online content. Based on this data, we will implement enhancements to increase engagement and conversions.

Hi, I’m Leigh!

I am a world-traveling, art-loving, coffee-obsessed, digital technology guru. I founded Zainatain LLC, an Atlanta-based web design and digital marketing agency, to support organizations in their journey to launch effective digital interfaces that contribute directly to their growth.

Prior to Zainatain, I worked with a diverse set of organizations to enhance their brands and digital technology (start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, coffee shops to global airlines, marketing to managing multi-million dollar technology projects, Shanghai to Dubai).

Most importantly, I excel at helping others to develop creative solutions to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

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