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Attract & Convert: Turn website visitors into devoted customers

Are you getting ready to embark on a website redesign or do you desire to make strategic website enhancements? Unlock the full potential of a website with data-driven strategies designed to convert visitors into loyal customers. Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Analysis is a pivotal roadmap for enhancing a website’s performance. Book your CRO Analysis today!

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Eliminate the guesswork. Make informed decisions that lead to improved website performance.

Do you ever feel like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something – anything – will stick? This approach is how so many organizations plan their digital strategy, and it inevitably leaves them spread thin with no clear direction. Skipping an analysis can lead to the following risks:

Missing out on an opportunity to understand your website visitors' behavior and preferences, leading to design and functionality choices that may not align with user needs.

A higher risk of decreasing your site's conversion rates because changes are based on assumptions rather than data. This oversight can result in a costly redesign that does not deliver the expected return on investment (ROI).

By not conducting CRO beforehand, you don't have the baseline performance data necessary for measuring the effectiveness of your redesign and enhancements.

By utilizing a data-driven CRO analysis, you ensure every change is targeted, effective, and conducive to your primary goal—maximizing conversions.

Advantages of a CRO Analysis

Zainatain—your ally for your website’s progress—provides an all-encompassing analysis that paves the way for growth, outlining a clear path to enhance a website’s performance and effectiveness.

Data-Driven Decisions

Understand your audience’s behavior with clarity, allowing for customized strategies and design decisions that resonate and drive action.

Hidden Opportunities Uncovered

We dig deeper, unearthing the minute details others overlook that can make a difference to your conversion rates.

Performance Recommendations

Receive actionable insights geared towards improving website performance for your audience, fostering a seamless user experience.

Creativity + Analytics = Creatilytics

We are excited to help you craft a strategic roadmap tailored to your unique goals.

 Zainatain is a web design and conversion rate optimization company that is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and organizations. We believe in the power of digital interfaces to accelerate business growth and help our clients achieve their business goals.

With a fusion of detailed analytics and creative insight (aka creatilytics), we are ready to dive behind the scenes into your website and reveal hidden growth opportunities. Often, the most groundbreaking ideas are hidden in plain sight, waiting for an external viewpoint to bring them to light. we look forward to collaborating with you!

CRO Analysis Packages

As conversion rate optimization strategists, Zainatain is committed to helping our valued clients achieve their definition of success. Our strategic approach focuses on unlocking a website’s full potential, driving growth and progress. 

How It Works


Reserve your spot by booking your kick-off call today!

This call is the first step towards gaining personalized, strategic insights tailored to elevate your website’s performance. During this conversation, we’ll discuss your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. It’s an opportunity for us to understand your business intimately and for you to learn how our expertise can transform your digital presence.


Complete your analysis planner.

In your analysis planner, you will offer detailed information about your objectives, the services you provide, your target demographics, the optimal customer experience you aim to deliver, and grant us access to essential tools and platforms. This information will assist us in understanding your unique needs and identifying opportunities for improvement.


We will develop your customized analysis and recommendations.

Utilizing the input you provide us, along with an in-depth data analysis, we will craft a set of tailored recommendations aimed at enhancing your digital presence. This process involves a meticulous review of your website’s current performance metrics, user engagement levels, and the overall digital experience offered to your audience. By correlating this detailed data with your business objectives and target audience insights, we identify strategic opportunities for optimization.


Join us on a follow-up call to review your analysis and ask questions.

Following the completion of our comprehensive analysis and generation of recommendations, we join you on a follow-up call. This session is designed to provide you with a review of the insights and suggestions we have compiled for your digital platform. It’s an essential part of our process, allowing for open dialogue and clarification on the strategies proposed. We understand the importance of ensuring you have a clear understanding of the steps forward, and this call offers the perfect opportunity to address any questions, concerns, or additional input you might have. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident and well-informed about the recommendations to optimize your website’s performance.


Can you do an analysis for any type of organization?

Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) analysis is powered by a versatile framework that applies to companies across various industries that maintain an online presence. Regardless of the sector, CRO strategies focus on enhancing the user experience to drive more successful interactions, such as purchases, sign-ups, or any other predefined conversion goals. By leveraging data-driven insights into how users interact with a website, businesses can implement targeted improvements that bridge the gap between visitor traffic and conversion actions. This approach not only maximizes the potential of existing traffic but also aligns closely with broader business objectives, making it a universally valuable tool for online success.

Can you do an analysis for a new website?

Our CRO analysis, while comprehensive and effective for established websites, may not be directly applicable to brand-new websites due to the necessity for baseline data. Since our strategies rely heavily on analyzing user interactions and conversion metrics, a certain volume of traffic and user engagement is required to generate actionable insights.

For businesses in the process of building their online presence, we offer a consultative approach. By understanding the nature and objectives of your website, we can provide foundational CRO recommendations tailored to your industry and target audience. These preliminary guidelines are designed to set your website on the right path, ensuring that as your online presence grows, you will be well-positioned to apply full-scale CRO analysis for optimal performance. Reach out to us to chat about options for new websites.

What kind of recommendations could be included?

Whether it involves refining the user interface, testing new acquisition channels, or streamlining the user experience, our customized recommendations are designed to move your website toward achieving increased engagement and conversion rates. Examples of recommendations include:

  • Create a lead magnet for your website that enables you to increase your email list so that you can nurture leads. This could be a quiz, ebook, checklist, webinar, etc. Integrate an email marketing automation platform that allows you to build your email list and create a drip campaign for new enrollments.
  • Create retargeting ads on Facebook/Instagram for people who have visited the website and drive them to a targeted landing page. Most businesses have multiple touch points with a prospective client before they become a paid customer.
  • Drive increased revenue through a subscription model to access premium content.
  • Embed the email sign up in the blog posts and making it more visually prominent in the sidebar, visitors will have easier access to the sign up form.
  • Create a lead scoring system to determine the most qualified leads and sales channels. Provide access to your sales team so that they can directly reach out to these leads.
  • Implement an email marketing drip campaign that educates subscribers about your organization so that they are bought into your cause before you ask them to donate.

Along with best practices, our recommendations are tailored to your specific target audience and business.

Can you help me with implementation of the recommendations?

We understand that each business’s needs are unique, which is why we offer multiple options for implementing our CRO strategies. Clients can choose between project-based support, ideal for targeting specific challenges or campaigns, and ongoing support, which ensures continuous optimization and adaptation to changing market trends and user behaviors.

I have Google Analytics. How is this any different?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for collecting data about how users interact with your website. We use these analytics as part of our CRO Analysis.

The difference in our CRO Analysis is that we interpret this data (along with other insights) to help you create meaningful enhancements to your website that directly correlate to different stages of your sales funnel.

How do I get started?

To get started, book your analysis today! If you have any questions before booking an analysis, you can contact us via our online form. 

Are you ready to maximize your website’s potential?

Transformative website success is just a conversation away. Are you ready to increase your conversion rates and create an unrivaled user experience? It’s time to stop leaving your revenue to chance. Book your CRO Analysis today and take the first step towards capturing the conversions you deserve.