California Wildlife Officer Foundation

The California Wildlife Officers Foundation (CalWOF) exists to give support, security, and peace of mind to the brave men and women who protect our natural resources on a daily basis.

CalWOF enlisted the expertise of Zainatain to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their website, email marketing, and social media channels. The goal was to help increase donations and enable wildlife officers to request support.


Zainatain delivered a customized roadmap spanning six months, outlining strategies to enhance engagement across all channels. We also provided recommendations for implementation.

Zainatain’s assisted with the following updates:

  • A redesigned home page featuring a captivating banner and an informative section on ‘What is a Wildlife Officer.’
  • Integration of email sign-up and donate buttons on blog pages.
  • Revamped donation page with an embedded donation form.
  • Introduction of a dedicated page explaining the role of Wildlife Officers.
  • Development of a new email marketing template using Mailchimp.
  • Inclusion of a request support page specifically designed for Wildlife Officers.


These updates and recommendations resulted in the following outcomes for CalWOF:

  • Improved ease of navigation on the website.
  • Enhanced user experience for visitors.
  • Better education about the responsibilities and significance of Wildlife Officers.
  • Streamlined donation process for website visitors.
  • Empowered Wildlife Officers to request support directly through the website.

Main Highlights

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