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The Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department is the primary point of contact for industries, large commercial developments, site location consultants, and state economic development organizations interested in developing, expanding, or locating new or expanded businesses in Athens-Clarke County.

The Department was seeking for their site to be rebuilt on WordPress to make it easier for their team manage website content and also more intuitive for their target audiences to access relevant content across the site. They also needed a new color palette and logo.


Zainatain conducted a thorough assessment of the organization’s needs and the needs of its target audiences. Based on this analysis, we redesigned and built the site on WordPress with the following elements:

  • Grids and breadcrumbs that make it easy for the various audiences to access the content they’re looking for
  • Interactive data visualizations with third-party integrations to sync data
  • New job search portal
  • Career pathway pages to access career development resources
  • Dedicated pages to highlight each target sector
  • Accessibility widget to make the site more accessible
  • Advanced translation capabilties

We also designed the Department’s new logo to reflect the music industry within Athens, GA.


Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department unveiled its updated website with enhanced flexibility for seamless updates and real-time data synchronization with external tools. This user-centric platform is tailored to serve the information needs of its visitors.

The website’s updated design with its modernized logo now more accurately embodies and celebrates the vibrant music scene of Athens, GA.

Main Highlights

Check out a few highlights of the website. Select an image to view the full page.

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