Mixology Ice makes and distributes clear ice.

Mixology Ice was seeking a way for online customers to designate a delivery date via their Squarespace website. Mixology Ice offers products that are delivered during certain times of the day and they had different lead times for each product. Implementing this on Squarespace was a challenge because Squarespace does not provide a way to set parameters and custom logic for delivery dates.


In order to bypass the constraints of Squarespace, Zainatain created a unique customer journey by utilizing Squarespace Scheduling. Customers were notified when adding products to their cart that they would need to select a shipping date after checking out, and I also included a custom “Continue Shopping” button on the product/cart pages.

Immediately after checkout, customers were taken to a scheduling page that was customized based on the product order and was also pre-populated with the Order Number. We also included a scheduling link in the confirmation email if for some reason they didn’t select a shipping date after checkout.

Main Highlights

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