Mixology Ice

Mixology Ice makes and distributes clear ice.

The Ask

Mixology Ice was seeking a way for online customers to designate a delivery date via their Squarespace website. Mixology Ice is a product that is delivered during certain times of the day and they had different lead times for each product. Implementing this on Squarespace was a challenge because Squarespace does not provide a way to set parameters and custom logic for delivery dates.

The Journey

In order to bypass the constraints of Squarespace, I created a unique customer journey by utilizing Squarespace Scheduling. Customers were notified when adding products to their cart that they would need to select a shipping date after checking out, and I also included a custom “Continue Shopping” button on the product/cart pages. Immediately after checkout, customers were taken to a scheduling page that was customized based on the product order and was also pre-populated with the Order Number. We also included a scheduling link in the confirmation email if for some reason they didn’t select a shipping date after checkout.

Main Highlights

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