Santanna Energy Services

Santanna Energy Services provides gas and electrical service plans to customers in The Midwest Region.

The Ask

Santanna Energy Services was seeking someone to help improve user experience, refresh the look and feel, and ultimately increase purchases and upgrades on their site.

The Journey

I have provided the following services for their site hosted on WordPress:

  • Redesigned and built the majority of their static content pages, including the home page, product pages, and blog

  • Redesigned and built a new shopping, upgrade, and checkout flow to improve conversions

  • Redesigned and built a new customer login page
  • Helped integrate and style an auto-complete street address form

  • Integrated Google Reviews across the site

  • Provided ongoing enhancements across the site to improve engagement

Main Highlights

Check out a few highlights of the website. Select an image to view the full page.

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