Stepfly is a dropshipping store (passion project) that I built to source and sell products that empower women around the world. I’ve temporarily paused the site to focus on Zainatain. P.S. Don’t let anyone fool you – running a dropshipping store is still A LOT of work.

I (Leigh) dreamt up the idea to build an online store to showcase curated collections of women’s lifestyle products and accessories.


I began the journey by defining the branding for Stepfly. The mission of the brand is to uplift and empower women, so I wanted the colors to be natural and calming, yet bold.

I decided to utilize Shopify to build out the online store because of its flexibility and robust eCommerce functionality. I’m also building out sales channels on social media platforms as well as a digital marketing strategy, including email, social media, and search engine marketing.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to enhance this platform!

Main Highlights

Check out a few highlights of the website. Select an image to view the full page.